The Plant Society Journal 01

A life with plants : Anno Leon

Photo : Anno's wall green

ビギナーからマニアまで、植物が大好きというプランツ・ピープルや園芸家、植物にまつわるプロダクトをつくるクリエイターなどに、植物との楽しい日常について聞くインタビューの第1回。今回は、プロのDJでありカメラ好き、そして、ベゴニアなど植物コレクターとして知られるアノ・レオン(Anno Leon)に、植物を育てる魅力について聞いた。

In this featured interview series, we meet plant people, gardeners and creators who make plant related goods to introduce their delightful life with plants. This time, we meet Anno Leon, a DJ and a photography enthusiast who is also known for being a big fan of the Begonia plant family.

Photography: Anno Leon @anno.leon

Words: Rei Yamakura @idreit_com

植物コレクターとしての顔の他に、レコードを集めたり、街をぶらぶら歩いて写真を撮るのが趣味というアノは、数多くの植物、二匹の猫とシェアメイトとともにシドニー中心部のタウンハウスで暮らしている。2018年からは、植物の知識を生かして、 プラントソサエティのシドニー、パディントン店で働くメンバーの一人だ。

Living with two cat siblings: Miko and Mali; Anno is a guy who enjoys several hobbies. His weeks are easily filled by collecting music, roaming the town taking photos and collecting plants. From 2018, he started working as a passionate member at THE PLANT SOCIETY in their Paddington Outpost.

Photo : Anno always enjoy styling homewares with plants, Anno's plants collection at his backyard. Anno's cat Miko.


When we asked him how long he had been fascinated by plants, he replied,

“Since 3 or 4 years ago. One day, a friend showed me a wonderful picture of a begonia. So I bought some, and then I wanted more and more. When I was a kid, my aunty was a plant lover, and I had to take care of her plants every day. At that time, I had learned plant growing tips from my uncle and aunty, but after that, I stayed away from plants.”

Photo : Anno's begonia hybrid, which has Begonia Lucerna as one half of the parentage.The other half is unknown.  




The begonia was the start of his plant collection. He then got to know Jason Chongue and started working for THE PLANT SOCIETY in 2018 - accelerating his love of plants.

“My favourite plants at the moment are still begonias. I’ve always been fascinated by them; the foliage shapes, the patterns, colours - everything. I have several varieties at home. Recently, I’ve started to try to hybridize male and female flowers to produce new ones.”

“I think the magic of plants is that they create a mood, similar to how a DJ creates a mood to entertain the audience. Also, for me, it’s really fun to see the plants grow and to communicate with friends through them. I always share my plants and leaves with people, but sometimes I go to my friends’ houses, and they have grown better than mine!! But that’s OK. If one of my plants dies, I can get a leaf.”

Photo : Anno's styling homewares with plants, Oxalis , Anno' s plants collection at his backyard. :

インテリアから裏庭まで、家じゅうで植物を育てているアノに、毎日のルーティンを聞くと、「朝は早いよ。4時半か5時には起きて、ちょっとポッドキャストとかレコードを聞きながらコーヒーを飲んで、植物コーナーを見にいく。棚の上から裏庭の壁まで、家のいろんな所に植物があるから、毎日、別のコーナーをチェックするようにしているんだ」。「また、水をやったり世話をするだけじゃなくて、鉢を入れ替えたりするのも楽しいよね。新しいポットに入れて眺めてみたり、写真を撮ったり。鉢はプラントソサエティのものや、サリーヒルズにあるお気に入りのショップ「The Provider Store」 (@theproviderstore)で買った日本製の器と合わせたりしてる。植物の世話をしていると、すぐ時間が足りなくなっちゃうんだ」とも語ってくれた。

With so many plants throughout his home, we asked Anno about his daily routine. He said: “I wake up very early in the morning, at 4:30 or 5:00 AM, listen to some music or podcast, have a coffee and then walk to the plant corner. There are plants in every corner of our two-storey house, so I go and check a different area every day. Besides, it’s also fun to change the pots and put them together with other stuff like antique homewares. Some of my ceramic pots are from THE PLANT SOCIETY, and I also have some Japanese homewares from The Provider Store (@theproviderstore), one of my favourite shops in Surry Hills. I always run out of time when I’m looking after my plants.”

At the end of the interview, we asked him what he likes to do on a day off.

“Well, I would get up early in the morning and look after the plants in the backyard as usual. After that, I like to get out and go on bushwalk or to the rainforest. I love to explore nature. It’s not in a rainforest, but I found a palm tree with new, unusual red leaves in the botanical garden the other day. Those kinds of natural phenomenon are amazing, and the colours are fabulous. I want everyone to have that experience with plants.”



After the interview, he told me that he would be happy to share some of his hybridised begonia leaves if I could visit Sydney. Thanks, Anno!

Photo : homeware and plants styling by Anno, Anno's wall garden, One of his favourite plants, Ficus dammaropsis
Anno's plants collection at his backyard.
, Anno Leon (captured by @ryan_saez)