The Plant Society Journal 03

A life with plants : Arcadia Scott


In this interview series with plant people, we visited a new studio of Melbourne-based potter Arcadia Scott for our third story. Her works are very popular for their lovely shapes and delicate touch. This time, we will introduce her motivation for ceramics and her studio where you can see lots of cheerful greenery in Coburg North.

Photography and words: Reiji Yamakura @idreit_com



趣味として続けるにも陶芸は費用が掛かるので、少しでも器が売れたらいいなと思っていた頃に、The Plant Societyを立ち上げたばかりのジェイソンとネイソンに出会ったアルカディアは、彼らのポップアップストアで鉢を販売するようになる。

Today, Arcadia is a well-known potter in Melbourne, but before she started pottery, she worked as a sales manager and travelled all over Australia. When we asked her why she turned into a potter, what inspired her to do so was a six-week ceramics course that she happened to attend in 2015.

"I had always loved ceramics and collected them, but I casually signed up for a beginner's class and really enjoyed it from the first day. At that time, I was busy with work on weekdays, so touching clay on weekends was a sort of zen time for me." She hadn't worked with ceramics since art class when she was a schoolgirl, but she was completely hooked on it, and after the beginner's course, she began to spend every weekend at the communal space to devote herself to ceramics.

Since pottery is an expensive hobby, she was hoping to sell just a small bunch of her pottery pieces. Just around that time, she met Jason Chongue and Nathan Smith, who had just established The Plant Society, and started selling planters from their stall.


The big turning point for her came in 2017. "I decided to quit my job and going to be full-time pottery. It was a really daunting idea, making a hobby into a business. But I also know that it was a great opportunity to do it. "

From that point, it all happened fast, she recalls. In 2020, she moved to a new studio in Coburg North to set up a better environment. Currently, Arcadia works in a comfortable studio with pleasant sunlight, surrounded by many plants, with her beloved dog, Tish.



When asked why she became a plant lover, she smiled and replied, "My mother was a big gardener and she loved native plants in the outdoors. So, I always love plants and greening up indoor space. Plants bring a sense of calm, always soften space and giving energy. I had a long teething period of growing plants, but now I feel like, I have a pretty good green thumb!"


人気の鉢、Fluted Planterの製作風景を見せてもらうと、半乾きの鉢に彫刻刀のようなナイフで手早く、均一なラインを付けていく。すべてハンドメイドながら、彼女の手仕事の正確さと繊細なデザインは大きな特徴だ。また、つくり方やサイズ展開にもアルカディアらしいこだわりがあるという。「私はなんでも効率よく進めるのが好きなの。プランターだったら受皿のサイズを共通にしたり、器の高さを揃えることで窯に無駄なく並べられるようにしたりね。一つひとつの作業には手間がかかるので、効率を考えないと時間が全然足りないのよ」。ジェイソンのアドバイスをもとに、窓際にちょっと置けるようなプチプランターをつくったり、インテリアにぴったり合うサイズのバリエーションが多いことも彼女にファンが多い理由だ。自身を“効率オタク”というほどの細かなマネジメントと、作品のラインアップや販売手法には、これまでのビジネスの経験が生きているのは間違いない。

She showed us how she makes her popular Fluted Planters. With familiar motions, she draws even patterns on the half-dried bowl with a small knife. While all of her work is handmade, the precision and delicate touch of her handiwork is a key characteristic. She is also meticulous about the procedure for making them and the size variations.
"I always try to be efficient in everything I do. The base plate can be used in a couple of different sizes and styles. Also, the planter sizes are quite regimented. So, you can get more diversity without increasing workload too much."
Based on Jason's advice, she has created a petite planter that can be placed on a windowsill, and she has many fans because of the variety of sizes that fit perfectly with interior design. She calls herself an "efficiency nerd," and her detailed management and sales skills definitely come from her past business experience.


Recently, she has been working on creating colourful checkered mugs inspired by textiles and Drifted Planters with a new volcanic lava glaze.
"I'm really excited to try the series of new volcanic glaze having a crater or honeycomb-like texture. The Drifted Planters are much more minimalist style for me and I'm going to apply the neutral colour volcanic glaze in white or grey. It will be coming up in a couple of months!"
Arcadia also said that she is into ceramics on weekdays and knitting on days off. She loves to create things with her own hands, and we are looking forward to seeing her pottery pieces.

Arcadia Scott / Ceramist